Happy New Year 2024!

Happy New Year! 2024

Much like celebrating a birthday, the dawn of a new year isn’t an instantly transformative experience – we’re all still exactly the same people we were yesterday. But as humans we love to compartmentalize and draw lines of significance, so for some reason, today, which looks ever so much like yesterday outside, is the start of a new year.

So I suppose now is as good of a time as any to share my list of intentions for the year. I choose to use that word, well, intentionally. These aren’t big, bold resolutions that come with immense pressure – these are small, minor shifts that (hopefully) will result in lifelong growth and learning.

I won’t make today’s post long and drawn out as I’ve entered this new year feeling a little sleepy (sadly not even from a night of revelry – just from keeping my cat calm with all the fireworks around!). So let’s get this New Year’s party started!


I'm not a bucket list traveler, but that doesn't mean I don't have travel goals!

A view of NYC from the air

More views like this in 2024, please

More international travel. I try not to depart a previous year with any regrets, but one deep regret from 2023 is that I only traveled domestically. Don’t get me wrong – it was so lovely to get to explore more of my home country, and to visit places that are often underestimated travel destinations – but I miss the challenge and experience of traveling internationally. Here’s to adding more stamps to my passport in 2024!

Take a slow trip. I didn’t used to be so antsy, but I’ve noticed that I struggle to stay still (while at the same time, my energy levels have decreased – what a contradiction!). I’d love to take a do-nothing getaway this year to starve my nervous energy a bit; perhaps that will help me feel more balanced and calm.

Do something adventurous. I don’t know what this looks like yet – maybe it’s a ski trip, maybe it’s taking a class or workshop while traveling. I felt quite comfortable on my travels in 2023, and I’m ready to explore conditions that offer a bit of discomfort or challenge.

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